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How I Stopped Making Excuses

January 29, 2012

During the summer of 2010, I decided to take a small step toward a healthier lifestyle. It was immediately after the July 4th holiday, and I realized that I had possibly eaten the equivalent of my weight over the long weekend! Not good at all. For some time, I was becoming more and more concerned […]

St. Jude Country Music 1/2 and Full Marathon Preparation

January 29, 2012

You don’t have to be a runner, you can barely be a able to walk…the key is you gotta get moving.  For those of you who have ever watched the Biggest Loser, you know they always have a 1/2 marathon or full marathon challenge.  Many times at the beginning of the season they ask the […]

A Day in My Eating Life: Getting Started

January 26, 2012

Originally posted on The Happiness Bucket (old):
Let me introduce myself to those who don’t know me and don’t know my story. First of all…I do not diet! I don’t like to weigh myself! I can’t stand counting calories! I don’t like exercise and most of all I love comfort foods and I’m a picky…

What type of Activity Do You Prefer?

January 25, 2012

One of the key things we need to find out is what type of activities you need to get started.  It is important to identify the activities that you enjoy and that you will likely stick with over time.  Does that mean you can’t do something else too…no of course not.  But…you have to start […]

Lets Get Moving!!! No More Excuses!

January 23, 2012

A word from our Black Alumni Council President, Gregory Cox.  Come on people, let’s get moving!  No more excuses…GO VOLS!!!! We’d like to thank all of our current Bacvollife Bloggers: Greg Cox Corbierre Hayes (Montique) Derrick Hill Robert Melvin Marva’ Morrow Levita Mondie Andrea Turrentine Fred White Sylvia Williams Dana Wilson We are always looking for more, so please email […]

January 23rd…Are You Ready????

January 12, 2012

Gearing up for the big day!!!!  Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the big announcement on January 23, 2012….No More Excuses!!!!