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St. Jude Country Music 1/2 and Full Marathon Preparation

You don’t have to be a runner, you can barely be a able to walk…the key is you gotta get moving.  For those of you who have ever watched the Biggest Loser, you know they always have a 1/2 marathon or full marathon challenge.  Many times at the beginning of the season they ask the contestants to walk a mile to gage where they are…and a lot of the times they have a hard time completing that mile.  By the end of the season, they complete the marathon…many of them running the entire thing.  Well here is your opportunity to challenge yourself.  Training for the St Jude Country Music 1/2 and/or full marathon, which takes place on Saturday, April 28, 2012, starts on February 11th.  That gives you a set goal/timeframe to challenge yourself.  Now before you get whiplash from shaking your head back and forth, you don’t necessarily have to participate in the actual marathon.  What we want you to focus on is just training as though you are participating.  You can choose to walk or you can choose to run, but either way you should follow the training plan provided by the Tennessee in Training Team.  It is specifically designed to prepare you for the event.  The training team group runs are every Saturday in Centennial park (Nashville).   There are groups that meet in other cities too, but I don’t have the specifics on that at this time.   If you are interested in obtaining the training plan, schedule for group run/walks make sure to register on the Tennessee in Training facebook page.  If you have questions please email

Training, Walking or Running with a group helps because there is someone there to hold you accountable and to ensure you are safe.  Everyone starts at a different level, but they all have a similar goal in mind.   Our own Dana Wilson trained with them for her first 1/2 marathon and she survived unscaved.  She was not a runner and figured she would walk the entire thing, but she reports that she walk/ran the 13.1 miles.  She also participated last year with her father.  Now if her father who is 65 can do it, I know you can!  Remember…this is the year of no excuses!

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