Volunteering for a Healthier Life

How I Stopped Making Excuses

During the summer of 2010, I decided to take a small step toward a healthier lifestyle. It was immediately after the July 4th holiday, and I realized that I had possibly eaten the equivalent of my weight over the long weekend! Not good at all. For some time, I was becoming more and more concerned with the fact that I had been putting on more and more weight, which I would notice any time I saw pictures of myself over the last year or two. Casting a further shadow over my situation was the fact that I have had issues with high cholesterol and high blood pressure – both of which run in my family. So I took the step of investing in a health club membership, something that I had not done in roughly 5 years. But I decided to go one step further by utilizing a personal trainer.

It’s been almost a year and a half since I joined a health club, and I can definitely feel and see some improvement. My energy level has improved, and I was even able to lose a few pounds and build more muscle.  Of course, there were days when I was in a lot of pain thanks to the trainer, but I needed someone to push me in order to help me achieve my goals. Before I rejoined a gym, I couldn’t imagine actually running or jogging.  In fact, I would frequently make fun of people that would post how far they jogged on Facebook and Twitter! Now, I can imagine myself potentially participating in 5K marathon in the coming years…we’ll see what happens. I haven’t lost all of the pounds that I would like to, but I feel that I am now armed with the tools that will assist me in taking the weight off.

 My current struggle is making the time to get to the gym more frequently during the week. As part of my commitment to BAC VolLife, I pledge to visit my gym more regularly in order to improve my health and continue to feel better. What will be your commitment for BAC VolLife?

One Response to “How I Stopped Making Excuses”

  1. So glad you made the commitment Greg! I am committing to work out more, to eat at home more, to eat more vegetables and to drink more water. I definitely need the support of my BAC family to get me through lol…the sweet tea and McDonald’s French fries alway seem to call my name! Dana

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