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Clean Eating on a Budget

This article has a lot of good tips for healthy eating on a budget, check it out.

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Good Morning Fitfam!

One of the biggest things discouraging people from jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon is the cost.  Why do you think fast food and junk food is so overly consumed by people everyday?  It’s cheap, it’s affordable, it’s fast and convenient.

True, fast/junk food is cheaper, but what is the price you are paying on your body.  How much are you paying for that gym membership because the pounds are packing onto your thighs?  How much do those prescriptions cost that the doctor is giving you to help with your heartburn, diabetes, sleep apnea, etc?  Are you full after your meal or are you hungry 30 minutes later?

Now, I’m not saying that you will never find me inside of a McDonalds or KFC, I mean Mucho Burrito is my weakness, but I don’t make a habit out of eating out.  Instead I try to make the…

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