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Is working out with your man a good idea or nah?

Five weeks ago my husband, Andre, and I started doing P90X together. I had done it alone several years ago and it took me about that long to sell him on the idea of joining me. I love P90X but always thought the workouts were too long, especially the Yoga X, 90 minutes in length, but will have you sweating bullets when it’s all over and done. In recent months I’ve gotten spoiled by short, intense, workouts like T-25. With those workouts you’re killing it non-stop for 25 minutes. I opted to go back to P90X because sometimes you have to start back at the beginning and P90X is the mother of all mothers! It’s all about building muscle and not focused as much on cardio as all the other programs are. It’s intense but it allows you to go at your own pace and improve because you have the option to lift heavier weight as time progresses. In other words it challenges me to go hard or go home.

I asked Andre to join me because I needed a buffer and didn’t think I could go it alone this time. Sometimes men need prodding and pulling. Ladies, you know exactly what I mean. Getting a man do a home workout video is not the easiest thing to pull off especially when they don’t consider exercising in front of the TV a manly feat. The first thing that comes to mind is Richard Simmons dancing to the oldies! I explained to him that exercise videos have revolutionized the fitness industry. They’re both economical and give you access to the best trainers on the planet. I had to get him to see that Tony Horton would be our personal trainer for the next 90 days and we’d saved a ton of money! Yes, we had made it to the big times.

The first week, Phase I, had him just wrapping his head around the whole ideal. He could not believe how strenuous the workouts were. When he first tried the Plyometric workout he could barely catch his breath. This from a man who can stay in the gym for 2-3 hours straight, come home, watch TV and go to bed without bathing. I’m like “Say what” and his answer is always “I didn’t sweat.” Sorry men, please forgive me for what I’m about to say but I’m saying it nonetheless: I see lots of men in the gym, preening and flexing, but mostly walking around and talking. Is there a male code that says I cannot stay in the gym less than an hour in good conscious even though I’m loafing? Regardless, does every minute count? Now, don’t get me wrong I do see men working hard with beads of sweat dripping from their brow, but not many. Sorry.

P90X calls for intense concentration. There is continuous movement and you don’t take many breaks because you only have about an hour to get it done.

During the second week my husband became a believer. At that point he did not even want to know what the next day’s workout would be. I’m the only one looking at the workout schedule. He says that I can just surprise him because he would just be in a state of dread the whole night if he knew beforehand. Now when we’re finished working out, he can’t believe how much was accomplished in such a short amount of time. He can’t wait to jump in the shower and then come out clad in pajamas asking what’s for dinner because he’s famished. I’m smiling from ear to ear because I have an in home workout partner and now the time speeds by, and that hour no longer seem like an eternity. Exercising with my spouse gives us another level in which to connect. Its’ been most rewarding, and I enjoy seeing him get his butt kicked! #Winning

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