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Buenas Shrinkers!/Hello Shrinkers!

What an inspiration! We are so happy to introduce Miss. CiCi!

The Happiness Bucket (old)

The THB is happy to introduce one our most inspiring guest bloggers, Miss. CiCi who has worked hard at transforming herself and her body over the past few years. She is such an inspiration to all of our readers and to us at THB. She is here to give some much needed help right before we hit our July 4th cookouts!

Miss CiCi's before and after! Miss CiCi’s before and after!

The Fourth of July. Ahhh…It’s a wonderful day filled with freedom, fun, fireworks, food and of course, FAT. Unfortunately, while we make plans to scarf down, ribs, pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, bread(wipes away drool) etc. we must realize that these delicious things can come with a heavy price; for me it’s right usually around the thighs. “What can we do about this?” you ask? The “Bobs and Jillian’s” of our world would tell you avoid these things at all cost…

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