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My not so good experience in a chiropractor’s office

I had never thought much about visiting a chiropractor. It’s something that had never crossed my mind until several weeks ago. I was enjoying an outdoor festival and was approached about a chiropractic screening with the promise of a free hydro massage so reluctantly I gave my information.

A few days later I received a phone call to schedule my appointment. I wasn’t ready. After additional calls I finally set a date. As the scheduled date approached I received two confirmation calls and then I started to both dread and anticipate my visit. That’s when I decided to go on line and research the benefits of a chiropractor. Not bad, in fact, it was downright impressive. Dread soon turned into anticipation alone.

The big day arrived, and in the mist of heavy rain showers I kept my appointment. Once I entered the office the dread returned. I was a little startled by how busy it was. I guess I had envisioned a lonely office in need of customers with the amount of calls that I had received prior to scheduling. Yep, all that badgering made me think I was the only target.

The women manning the reception area seemed nice enough. One lady gave me a lot of paperwork to fill out and then asked for my ID. She said she would come out and return it, but once I was finished with the paperwork I had to ask for it to be returned. I guess she forgot. Okay, no big deal, or was it a forewarning of things to come.

I was then whisked away to a private room with a little lady asking me if I was experiencing any problems. She asked if I wanted X-rays done. I told her that I was only here for the free hydro massage. I asked her what other services I was entitled to and she said an adjustment. Not really knowing what that was, I agreed, and was taken to a room that resembled more of an open massage /physical therapy center. She told me to lie down and then she turned the hydro massage on. It felt okay, nothing to die for. My neck started to feel a little uncomfortable. I felt as if I was lying on a washing machine. I couldn’t relax enough to experience any real enjoyment because there were all these employees walking really close to me. One employee was standing over me talking to another co-worker as if I were not lying in the middle of their conversation. Who does that? I felt that my personal space was being invaded.

This same guy turned my machine off after what seemed like 5 minutes and motioned for me to rise (without introducing himself) and took me into another room. He told me to wait and that he’d be right back. In this room, on the computer screen were x-rays of another patient’s legs. This was when the visit started to feel kind of creepy. Suddenly the door flew open and in walked this young girl with a syringe in her hand. I’m like you must have the wrong room. She said that it was a vitamin B12 shot. I informed her that I was only there for the free massage and that I was supposed to get an adjustment. She goes on to explain the benefits of B12 and that it is just a vitamin which can help me with energy. I asked her if it was free and she said yes, but normally it costs $7. I guess that was for future reference.

After she left in walked another lady to escort me back to the massage /physical therapy center. She led me over to a doctor who did not seem too friendly. He asked me to lie down. The he asked if there was any specific area that needed addressing. I told him my lower back; he then proceeds to tap my lower back with some type of instrument. It was kind of painful but I endured. I guess it lasted about 2 minutes and then he was done. I guess that was my adjustment! He said that I may want to apply an ice pack when I get back as it had loosened up my muscle and I might experience inflammation. Okay, so now I am feeling some kind of way. I got there at 4:30 and was out by 5pm. I felt like it was not worth my gas to get there. I also felt that as a first time visitor I was not wowed, and unless I just happened upon the wrong chiropractor’s office would probably never visit one again.

I need someone out there to tell me that is not how the visit was supposed to go. Someone please restore my faith.

Below is an article that I had Googled earlier on the benefits of seeing a Chiropractor. Maybe they were just too busy for me that day.

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