Volunteering for a Healthier Life


While checking emails today I ran across one that I thought was just spam. Upon closer inspection I had run upon a rare gem. It was an email advertising a movie called FED UP. The movie is about revealing food industry lies.  Looks like we’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and all at the sake of our health. This movie says that that everything we’ve learned about food and exercise is a lie.  Is the food industry just out to make a dollar on impressionable consumers, namely our children?  Is there a social responsibility that they should adhere to? Is sugar really the silent killer? Most importantly are we up to the challenge of re-learning, or are we too old to re-learn or even care? I say that we’re not, and in fact, it’s our obligation to be worthy stewards of our temples.  My hope is that this movie will start a revolution!  It hits the Knoxville Theater next Friday, May 16, 2014. I think our children need to watch this film right alongside us.  Me and my girlfriends plan to catch it opening weekend.  I can’t wait!  Who’s in?

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