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Fast Metabolism Diet-Week Three

As I near the end of week three on the Fast Metabolism Diet by Hayle Pomroy, I can’t help but note a significant difference in the way my body feels. Not only am I 6 lbs. lighter but I feel energetic and confident. I don’t feel tempted or controlled by food any longer and Phase 2 no longer leaves me isolated and depressed. Phase 2 is protein and vegetables only, and because I am not a meat eater it makes it extremely difficult. After the second week of Phase 2 I was ready to abandon this diet all together. I have downed more salmon, egg whites, and tuna than I thought humanly possible. However, I found a plant based protein this past weekend that rocks and actually made this week a breeze for me. I am so glad that I didn’t bail. This week I’ve started my mornings off with a great tasting smoothie and some vegetables. Over the past three weeks I no longer have any bloating and the arthritis in my right knee does not botherme as much as it once did. To be honest, I feel pretty amazing.
The reasoning behind the Fast Metabolism Diet is that it is not a low calorie diet which means that your body will not guide itself into starvation mode and hold onto the extra weight. In all phases you are eliminating foods that cause irritations or inflammation in the GI tract which can slow down your bowels and create insulin resistance. Phase 1, Unwind, gently persuades your metabolism that it is no longer in an emergency situation and that it’s okay to digest the food you are eating rather than storing it. I love Phase I because I get to eat lots of good carbs and fruit. Phase 2, Unlock, allows for the mobilization of stored energy in the form of fat, so you can burn it as fuel. Phase 2, again, is where you eat tons of protein and vegetables. Phase 3, Unleash, which for me falls on the weekend (Yippee), is when you start burning the fat you unlocked in Phase 2 as well as the fat you’re eating. In Phase 3 you get to add carbs, protein and good healthy fats.

One thing that Hayle points out in this diet is to make sure, regardless of how much weight you lose, to complete the 28 days. The 28 days helps to actually heal your metabolism! Surely I can make it to day 28. Surely!

Below is the list of foods that I am eliminating in these 28 days.
1. Wheat
2. Corn
3. Dairy
4. Soy
5. Refined Sugar
6. Caffeine
7. Alcohol
8. Dried fruits and juices
9. Artificial sweetener
10. Fat free foods
Until next Friday……

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