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I’ve jumped on many diet bandwagons, fell off, got back on and kept riding. I have been a human guinea pig for so many fad diets that I realize that I never focused on the process only the end results therefore I missed the education and pleasure of the journey.

The very first diet I tried was Weight Watchers. I had great results the first time, the other 2 times, not so much. I then graduated to the Eat to Live Diet, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, followed by the 4 Day Diet and Shred Diet, both by Dr. Ian Smith.  Those diets served their purpose, some better than others, but now I’m ready to take a leap of faith and I’m hoping this will be the last diet that I’ll ever have to try. I ‘m looking for a lifestyle change, a viable way of living, because I am so over counting points , measuring portion sizes, and keeping food journals.  On Monday, March 3, 2014 I embark upon a new journey, The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. This plan promises me more food and more weight loss, but don’t they all? However, I plan to stay open to the process and will give Haylie the benefit of the doubt.  This will be my last hooray before I go into deep research and develop my own freaking diet plan.

What attracted me to this diet was the fact that she had me at hello with her opening statement “I am the metabolism whisper.” Now that I have your attention! Wow, good stuff Haylie!   I’m on page 127 and have to reach 244 before I can actually delve in full force because I have to wrap my head around it, or buy into it so to speak. I don’t do anything halfcocked. When I’m in I’m all the way in. I can tell this diet is going to pose a challenge for me because Phase II (only 2 days) is all about protein. Yet Haylie promises to put my metabolism on fire and have it burning like an inferno, so I’m with it.

This diet is 28 days. Not the 6 weeks or more that I’m used to. This diet states that you can go back to your regular way of eating afterwards if you want to, but after reading the reviews from those that have tried it most don’t want to. Over the next 4 weeks I will share this journey and basically let you know if the diet is all that it’s cracked up to be. Later I will share information on the other diets that I mentioned that I’ve tried as I compare them to Haylie’s plan.

Please wish me luck and if anyone wants to start this journey with me, it’s not too late. You can purchase the book today, read it over the weekend, and get your grocery shopping done Sunday evening for the week ahead.

Who among you will start it with me?

3 Responses to “THE LAST DIET”

  1. I am interested in how you liked the Pomroy diet? I stayed on it for 46 days and lost 1 pound. I had been eating salads with Joel Fuhrman’s diet and my slow metabolism couldn’t handle all of the pomroy food. Plus, I had my blood tested and all of my hormones were low. I learned a lot and did speed up my metabolism, though. My case was bizarre. I am now taking hormones and eating more frequently, thanks to Pomroy.

    • Nancy I noticed very nice changes in my body and was well pleased, however, I could only go one round because I don’t eat meat those 2 days of protein was murder for me. I did, however, lose about 7lbs. Right now I eat every 3 hours and have cut out sweets and processed foods. I feel really good. I’ve also started doing a lot of strength training. You may want to read the book “Forks over Knives” and also “The Shred Diet” by Dr. Ian Smith.

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