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Is exercising at home a new trend or an old stigma? P90X Part 1

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. P90X is no joke. I wrote a story about it, like to hear it? Here it goes.

On November 24th, 2002 I was fat. Plain, simple and the truth.  I had ballooned up to 178 lbs and to me that was unacceptable. This was discovered when I stepped on the scales at that month’s doctor’s visit.  Considering that I am only 5 6 1/2 that was a lot of extra baggage to carry around on my small frame. It mostly showed itself in big hips and love handles. Now I had been in the gym for quite some time and it was embarrassing when you are working out as much as I had been but gaining weight all at the same time.  I’m going to be honest and tell you that I did and still do love my bread, cheese and wine and all the other comfort foods that come to mind. I am a big fan of Tosca Reno (The Clean Eating Queen) but I couldn’t make myself go to the grocery store to purchase all the tireless ingredients that go into a clean eating recipe. Cooking was not and has never been my thing. I would visit the Earthfare grocery store every so often and go up and down the aisles, but I would usually come out empty-handed or with maybe a bag or two.

Every visit to my doctor made me want to apologize for the weight gain since the last time I was there. Instead we went over my weight gain and looked at my lowest adult weight of 154. That year I decided that enough was enough and joined Weight Watchers so I could finally lose the weight. I lost 24lbs in 4 months.  My only problem was that I could not imagine myself keeping a food log every day.  I felt like it took the fun out of eating. Regardless, I kept the weight at bay for 4 years.

Over the years the weight began to creep back up. In 2010 my employer started a WW meeting and I joined of course, lost about 8lbs and then fell off the wagon.  It was hard to get my head around Weight Watchers a second time.  Okay, so by then I’m really getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was hitting the gym at 5 a.m. four days a week, going hard with the weights and still pigging out like nobody’s business.  So I decided to give WW a third try. I found a meeting in my area and went. I was paying $10 per week and working hard to get back to my ideal weight because by this time I was a lifetime member which means that once I reached my ideal weight I would no longer have to pay for meetings! Yiiipppee. I went wholeheartedly for 3 full months, tracking every morsel put into my mouth. I lost 10lbs and then, again, I lost focus.

Realizing that I was fighting a losing battle a friend of mine turned me on to the workout video P90X. Beachbody is a multi-Level marketing company that sells home fitness products.  What’s so weird about that is he had dropped off from the gym and had gone underground. I mean this person was way under the radar and I had to seek them out to see what was going on after he missed our 5 a.m. gym roll call. After much pressing and prodding he confided that he had started doing P90X and because it was a 90 day program he would have to lay low for a while. I mean this seemed so top secret that he was barely audible as he spoke to me. Yep he was treating it as confidential information.  

So I told him that I was excited but didn’t really know much about it. He explained that it was a 90 day workout program that promised to deliver extreme results.  He said that it was mostly weight training and he thought I would enjoy it. I had been no stranger to hard work so I agreed. I did the workout for a week and fell off the wagon because it was too hard, too disciplined, and I wanted to do my own thing. So I went back to my regular way of eating and working out but I soon realized that my way was not working.

My friend came back ripped about 4 months later and said “I’m going in for my second round of P90X and I think that you should try again.”   Then he adds “can you imagine the way you would look once you’re done. You would look amazing, and for your age….” Okay, so he appealed to my vanity and I bought it hook, line and sinker.

After careful consideration I decided to give it another shot. With dreaded anticipation I officially re- started the P90X program. I was surprised at how quickly Tony Horton put me to ease with his down to earth teaching style. He really drives the importance of good eating right on home. The P90X program is heavily rooted in resistance training. There are a total of 12 workouts ranging from kickboxing to yoga. Each workout is about 55 minutes but the yoga workout is more like 90 minutes. You will need hand weights as well as a pull up bar for the back exercises. What makes P90X effective is the science of muscle confusion. With the order of all the workouts your body does not get a chance to adjust to anything.

So I guess you’re wondering how well I did with P90X. I re-started P90X the week before Thanksgiving 2010 but kept eating the way I had always ate. I felt my body getting stronger.  I still went to the gym every now and again but continued to work the program as it was written. Then with Christmas fast approaching I kept eating holiday foods, but thought it was okay as long as I was still doing my workouts. 

About 35 days into the program I felt stronger and although I could feel the tightening of my skin the pounds did not miraculously drop off. It made me doubt the program. Self-pity and loathing came in but I kept on pushing. Then on January 10, 2011 my church embarked upon a Daniel’s fast of eating fruits and vegetables for 21 days. I joined in on the fast and continued my P90X and that’s when I saw P90X start working. I finished P90X on 2/21/11 and saw 11lbs drop. Now had I been eating right from the beginning there is no telling what results I would of had.

P90X is no joke but it is an excellent program if you combine your work out with proper nutrition. There is a nutrition guide that comes with the program, one that I had completely ignored.  Also if you time the start of the program to the spring and not the late fall you will surely transform your body.

Has anyone out there tried P90X? What were your results? Is there a stigma associated with doing workout videos at home? Do you feel like you don’t get a good workout unless you’re in a gym? Why?

2 Responses to “Is exercising at home a new trend or an old stigma? P90X Part 1”

  1. I found out that P90x was the best life changer for me in fitness and in health fortunalty our stories are pretty similar as to working out and health. I was very sceptical about home gyms and workouts myself until P90x was introduce to me. I’ve workout forever without seeing results. So I decided to change my eating which was 90% of my fitness results. Although I ate right P90x put the extra fit to my fitness. 90 days of working out in the comfort of my home was great for me.

    • I, too, love working out at home especially when it’s cold outside. From the livingroom to the shower, plus it saves on gas monies!!!!

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