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Is Biometric testing really so bad?

Biometric testing really so bad?

Wellness is the new buzzword floating around many companies these days. The cost of health insurance is steadily rising with astronomical deductibles which is why my employer has jumped on the health and wellness bandwagon like so many other companies of late.  Wellness is the latest company trend. As it is, every November I get that dreaded letter from Human Resource asking me to schedule my yearly biometric testing. Biometric testing is a short health examination that determines a person’s risk level for certain diseases and medical conditions. Yes, my employer is checking to see if I’m too fat, pre-diabetic, a chain smoker or anything else that would drive up insurance cost.

Obligingly I submit to having my body measurements taken along with blood work all the while supplying endless medical data. Oh, and did I mention having my weight taken, and the worst part is that it always happens the week after Thanksgiving. Imagine that! You would think they would at least do it before Halloween to ensure better rates. I mean really!


My co-workers moan and groan about the fact that they are frowned upon if they smoke or how nobody is going to make them exercise if they don’t want to cause it’s nobody’s business. The complaints are endless.  Yet, secretly I love the new phenomenon that’s taking place. I know it seems weird but I love saying “wellness” it’s kind of like anti-aging, or HIIT Training. It’s so trendy!


 I’m proud of my employer for working diligently to combat the rising cost of health insurance thus being proactive against obesity and disease.  I constantly hear that we’re an aging workforce so anything wellness is actually a benefit.  The cost of my insurance has been reduced by $75 per premium just because I meet the criteria for wellness and that is something for which I am grateful. .  I’m also a member of the wellness committee, so I get to influence our company’s lunch and learn and health fairs.  We have some fitness equipment at different locations and an onsite Weight Watchers Program. We don’t have a large wellness program because we’re a small employer but we’re making great strides


I’m very excited (remember it’s still January) that I’m making a commitment to keep my weight within an acceptable range for my next biometric test. When the biometrics testing comes around this November I’m not going to have any worries and I can enjoy Thanksgiving regardless. Who knows, I might make some real healthy changes to the usual Thanksgiving fare (you just never know).

According to there are 10 reasons why every company needs a wellness program:

  1. Decreased Healthcare costs.
  2. Work place morale.
  3. Reduced Absenteeism.
  4. Reduced overall costs.
  5. Increased productivity.
  6. Increased responsibility.
  7. Increased company loyalty.
  8. Reduced sick leave.
  9. Improved work performance.
  10. Decreased health insurance cost.


What big things is your employer doing to invest in your health? Are you excited about it?

5 Responses to “Is Biometric testing really so bad?”

  1. I agree 100% I just signed up for my biometric appt in February. I think it is a good thing that company’s do this. We have a lot of folk that moan and groan about it as well, but at the end of the day,it is for your own good.
    You should be happy that you work for a company that cares about employee health. I sure do!

  2. Health is our greatest wealth.

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