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Motivational Moment: What Defines You?

The Happiness Bucket (old)

A few years ago I started using the phrase, “It is what it is.” I recently reflected on it and I honestly have no idea where I got it from, but it is and has been my personal life changing motto. I remember when I was planning my wedding and my mom was focusing on every little detail. I would tell her repeatedly throughout the planning process, “Mom, it is what it is…it’s not going to be perfect”. She HATEDDDDDDDDDDDD that saying and it would frustrate her whenever I would say that. I recall us having a conversation one day and she asked me in frustration, “why do you always say that!!!” I explained, “well mom the reality is I can’t change it and to stress over it isn’t going to help, it is still going to be what it is. Sooooo it is what it is…I just choose not…

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