Volunteering for a Healthier Life

Tip & Update Tuesday (Week 1 Challenge)


Before heading to the grocery store make a grocery list and eat. Don’t shop hungry…by doing these things it will help prevent you from picking up random stuff when you are at the grocery store. You know what happens you get in there and you smell the stuff cooking at the deli and the bakery and of course they have the sample carts out…then all of a sudden you think Chicken sounds good and you need chips and you also need that frozen pizza…next then you know your cart is full of “crap” and you are wondering what happened. So…eat before you go and make sure you have a list to keep you focused.


Stop hiding behind your computer screen and tell us how you did this week! How many steps in the challenge did you accomplish this week? All of them great!!!!! Congrats we knew you could do it! Now if you are someone who didn’t achieve every goal for the week, we will cut you some slack. You are beginning and sometimes starting is hard, but don’t use this as an excuse we want you to want to change…have faith that you can do it. We believe in you or we wouldn’t have challenged you to begin with. Remember we are building the challenges each week so the key is just to start….if nothing else accomplish the goals today. Forget about the days before…focus on today. Get you a bottle of water or a 16 oz glass and chug down some water! Take the stairs, walk around your building (wait do it on the inside you KNOW it’s cold outside!) Come on you can do it you can do it…You are a VOL!!!! We don’t give up!

And for those who are just starting the challenges it’s ok, start it whenever you can, just go to Challenge 1 and start yours today.

Don’t forget to visit our BACVOL-Life Facebook page and let us know how you are doing. We created this community to help each other and encourage one another on our Journey’s.

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