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Are You Drinking Your Calories?

Recently, I was speaking to a friend about eliminating sodas from our diets. They said that they had switched to diet soda instead of regular soda because it was better. I knowingly just smiled and didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to discourage them at the time and I also didn’t really have my facts straight regarding the matter, but my gut said that was not really an improvement. Well, I encourage those of you who have had similar mindsets to read this article:

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my sweet tea and I know I am not giving that up…so I am not judging, but I also faced the facts about two years ago that I drank a lot more tea than I thought. I was drinking 64 sometimes 96 oz of sweet tea a day!!! You are thinking what the world?!?!?! Well, have you stopped to really identify what and how much you are drinking a day?

After identifying that I was drinking way more than I ever imagined I started slowly backing off of my tea intake. I made rules for myself…if I had tea in the morning then I couldn’t have it for lunch and dinner. The next thing I did was started diluting it with lemon and sometimes lemonade. Now I make tea at home so I know how much sugar I am really adding along with lemon. My goal is to lessen the amount of sugar over time.

I encourage you to identify what you are drinking, how much you are drinking and what are the dietary ramifications. Once you identify this I think you will see how you may be drinking all your calories.
At that point you can find what works for you and try to stick with it. You will know how far to go, but you have to be realistic with yourself first.

I believe that anything in moderation is ok and encourage everyone to not go “on a diet” but to make a lifestyle change. Why? A diet sets you up to fail…you go on a diet, you cheat on your diet, you fail at dieting. A lifestyle change is just that a change. It’s something you can maintain with your lifestyle. Are you really going to cut out all soda for life? Well, some people may have to but if you know with your lifestyle you are not going to do it then at least make a change that you can stick with…for example, start by saying I’m only going to have one soda a day. Now if you drink 5 sodas a day now…don’t make a drastic change like no sodas all at once because you will throw your body into shock! Realistically say this week I’m only drinking four sodas or I’m only drinking them in between meals not with my meal.

PS – Don’t replace a bad habit or something that needs change with something else…for example I wouldn’t switch from sweet tea to soda…instead add natural sweeteners like fruit to your unsweet tea or better yet just drink water. Do some research and see what you can change…I know you can do it! it just takes just a little willpower and a lot of self-control!

Good Luck!

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