Volunteering for a Healthier Life

January Lets Move!!! Challenge Week #1

We started BACVol-life to encourage making healthy changes/choices in our lives and to encourage healthy living…in 2014 we are going to go the extra mile to motivate and support our Alumni and Community. We will have weekly challenges for you to work towards achieving this goal of healthy living. Its not about dieting but making a lifestyle change. For some these challenges may seem too easy, but for those who are starting at the beginning you need to make changes in small steps and we want to be right here with you along the way. We encourage you to share your successes and failures…to encourage one another….post your recipes, your cooked meals and have a conversation with your Alumni….your family! Lets make 2014 a healthier year!

Sooooo that beings said here is your first challenge for the week:

1. Cook at least one healthy home cooked meal this week and eat it around the kitchen table (without the tv or mobile devices on) with your family.
2. Drink at least 16 oz of water a day (112 oz for the week)
3. Exercise at least 30 mins a day

Again for some this will be easy…so for you, your challenge is to encourage someone Who is at the beginning of their journey…post recipes, exercise ideas, share what you are eating/doing etc.

JANUARY 8th is report it up day…let us know how you did during the week…good and bad.

VOL up! You can do it!!!!



2 Responses to “January Lets Move!!! Challenge Week #1”

  1. […] for those who are just starting the challenges it’s ok, start it whenever you can, just go to Challenge 1 and start yours […]

  2. […] are also going to repeat the goals from week 1 this week as well. So make sure you remember to do those this week along with saving […]

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