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Exercising: Hip Hop Abs – Does it work?

The Happiness Bucket (old)

As part of BACVOL-Life I have been trying to focus more on my health.  I, like many, have my ups and downs.  I have been looking for an exercise routine, besides salsa dancing, that could get me working and that I could do at home without a bunch of extra tools.  While on vacation recently I saw infomercials for both P90X and Insanity.  Both looked intriguing but I wasn’t sure which was best.  A very fit male friend of mine said he had done both and suggested I get insanity because it was more cardio based.  Well, I recently borrowed the Insanity CD from another friend who gave me both CDs 1 and 2.  Insanity CD 1 included a test that you are supposed to complete every other week (I think) and Insanity CD 2 was the cardio session. I watched these CDs and although inspired I immediate got scared. I was afraid I would…

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