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The Cost of Obesity Is Weighing Us Down

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(Memphis) Recently ranked the “fattest” city in the U.S., Memphis has one of the highest rates of obesity. But the problem is not limited to people’s health. It’s also weighing down on our wallets.

Because of all the health complications that come with being obese, doctors’ visits and medication are obvious expenses.

But the cost goes beyond death, even to the funeral home where an obese person’s family is left paying a much bigger bill.

The health care system, the premiums we pay, and taxpayer dollars are all affected.

A study by the Trust for America’s Health found the U.S. could save $29 billion in health care savings in five years, if we could all lower the obesity rate by just five percent.

Sarina Freeman has felt some of these costs first-hand. “My asthma was so severe that I ended up in the hospital two times by ambulance.”

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