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The Perfect Workout…that’s right…here it is!

So, what is the perfect workout regimen?

Is there such a thing? If it does exist, why is it so elusive?

Is it even possible to have a perfect workout? Doesn’t every workout get beset with difficulties? Weather ruining workout days, gym machine shortages, the inevitable life emergency, forgetting necessary gear like your mat for your yoga class or socks in your gym bag…can it be really be true?

Well, I’ve given it much thought and have come to the following conclusion: Yes, there is a perfect workout! Now, this is only my opinion, my definition. Naturally, the adjective perfect is relative! Feel free to rebut, reject, modify, possess, or embrace this definition.

The perfect workout is the workout that helps you complete the goals you’ve set for your body transformation.

I know, I know…you wanted something a little more concrete….right? A graph? A table? A slideshow?


First, I want to talk about what makes work ineffective. Why don’t workouts work? You’re faithful to your elliptical machine, treadmill, or track and, alas, they fail you! Most of the time our work outs don’t work because we don’t make them intense enough. Try adding a little incline or picking up the pace. You’ll see the difference before you know it.

People have been screaming this for years! You don’t have to repetition after repetition…you could…if you have hours to spend working out. If you’ve been grinding away on those 10 pounders, bump it up to 15 pounds and try half the reps. You’ll feel it; and, your muscles will thank you!

Second, your muscles don’t like monotony. If you have a work out that you really enjoy, that’s great. If you have been enjoying it for the last four weeks without any change, your muscles are unhappy and they want to see other workouts.

Switch up. Add some plyometrics or in layman’s terms  jumping exercises. Your muscles are fickle things, and they crave excitement to stay happy. Well, plyometrics are the ticket. They are explosive exercises that concentrate on the muscles nerves and tissue. You’ll find a lot of P90x-esque workout plans with exercises like these. However, I encourage you to get a jump rope and some inanimate objects you can hop over. They’re less likely to make you feel insane and far less expensive.

Third, just do it. I know it’s reeaaally cliche. However, we find so many reasons not to. Lay out your work out clothes. Pack your gear before hand. Sleep in your work out gear if you’re fighting the I-so-don’t-want-to-get-of-bed blues.

Did I tell what the perfect, perfect work out is? No, of course not. Everyone is different. Everyone has different needs. However there are universal things that apply to all of our bodies. If there is a perfect workout, SHARE!  We only have today.  I encourage you to concentrate on the next lap, the next, rep, the swing, or the next serve. Concentrate on the doing not on what you’re not doing.

Spending time sitting down and writing out a workout that is stellar is a great, but you most likely only need to modify your current workout with a few minor tweaks to produce some major results.

Stay Blessed. Go Vols.

2 Responses to “The Perfect Workout…that’s right…here it is!”

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Very very true! I think we all get caught up in what is “off” about our day instead of just doing it. We become increasingly comfortable in our routine and forget to push ourselves past what’s easy.

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