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Barbecue Tofu Pita Pockets & Baked Fries

Vita's Vegan Ventures

I got off work early today, got in 50 minutes of exercise at Spirit Anacostia, and headed to an eatery in my neighborhood before I decided, “No. Just because the kids are away, doesn’t mean I really want to eat out.”

So I made a U-turn and made my way back home, where I had all of the ingredients needed to make a delicious meal of barbecue tofu pita pockets and baked fries.

I started with my absolute favorite variety of potato, The Yukon Gold (Sounds like a professional basketball team, don’t it?).  I love this potato for its smooth texture and subtle, buttery flavor, and today I’m loving it even more because I have to cut up just one.  Did I mention the kids are away?

I preheated the oven to 450 degrees, sprayed a thin coating of cooking spray on a baking sheet large enough so that…

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