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Workouts for the Novice


I got back into the gym this week!  My proposed workout didn’t go quite as planned…but that is okay. I worked out. For me, I find it necessary to do 30-40 minutes of cardio AND weight/strength training. Getting fit is a total body effort. For example, you cannot lift weights and expect your heart to get stronger. You can’t run and expect to build stronger muscles.  This is my philosophy according to my own goals.

So Wednesday, I did upper body chest/arms/back excercises and cardio. Today, I did cardio and Lower body and  core excercises. I’m sore but, it’s a good feeling. I said I was getting back into the gym this week and I did…two days in a row. I’m actually going to attempt add swimming and pole dancing to my fitness routine.

As promised, I located some effective no gym workouts. These are workouts that anyone of any fitness level can do. My number #1 pick:

Loves it!

WebMD is chock full of awesome workouts and info. Enjoy!

Stay Blessed.  Go VOLS!

One Response to “Workouts for the Novice”

  1. Great blog! Thanks for sharing your story. Go VOLS!

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