Volunteering for a Healthier Life

Getting Active for Life

Each year, my employer has an exercise and fitness challenge for several weeks near the beginning of the year to encourage everyone to live healthier and to get moving. The challenge usually becomes a friendly and fun competition between departments and is commonly known as “Active for Life.” I always enjoy participating in it because not only do I have to be accountable to myself, but I am forced to be accountable to my team. So when I decide that I’d rather go straight home after work and watch TV instead of heading to the gym, I am letting down myself as well as my team. Each employee sets a weekly goal for how many minutes of physical activity he or she will complete each week. My goal is 150 minutes each week – less than 30 minutes per day. Needless to say, I feel pretty bad that week 1 has almost come to a close, and I have yet to spend any time exercising! Maybe, I will make up for it over the weekend, but I definitely plan to get more active next week. During this time, many groups will take time out to do laps around our floor or spend time walking around the park across from our office. Our office will even have Zumba, Yoga, Walking, Pilates and other exercise groups meet in the afternoons or around lunch time. A nearby upscale gym has even offered a complimentary 10 week membership to our employees as further encouragement!

Does your employer offer a similar program? If not, now is a great time to start one. Programs like these are great ways to get more active as well as support one another.

Have a great weekend, and Go VOLS!

Gregory Cox

BAC President

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