Volunteering for a Healthier Life

A Guide for a Healthier Life? Let’s get the preleminaries out of the way!

The title seems to be a bit grandiose, does it not? I think I may have over promised. Healthy. That’s a loaded word. It’s dependent upon subjectivity and objectivity. Healthy for all of us means different things, right?

When we think about fitness, health, and wellness we must become completely selfish.

I view the Weight Watchers ads and lament. Many women may see that photo of the transformed Jennifer Hudson and say, “She’s got a trainer. A cook. Someone to watch her kid all hours…” Most people aren’t as fortunate as Jennifer.

My point is, when you think about wellness, you must be cycloptic. We’re bombarded by images of “fit” looks like. Fit is not about how that person looks, or how much that person weighs. It’s about how YOU feel, how YOU look, who YOU want to become. YOU. Think about it.

When it comes to your fitness, focus on YOU. (Don’t look at the Women’s Health magazine and become discouraged.)

We often fail to meet our goals because we don’t carefully consider where we are.

The first step before beginning any exercise regimen is to SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Yes. If you don’t have a doctor, find one. If you have health insurance, you have no excuse not to complete this step. If you don’t have health insurance, I encourage you to invest in a visit to a wellness clinic found in many drugs stores.


Do you have hypertension/high blood pressure? Hyperlipidemia/High cholesterol? Can your heart handle 30-60 minutes of cardio 3 times a week? What about your weight loss goals? Do you know your body mass index? Do you have any vitamin deficiencies?

You have to know where you in order to set feasible goals for the future. Protect yourself from the frustration of giving up before you get started. This also protects you from harming yourself physically. 45 minutes of cardio may not be a good idea if your heart can’t handle it. Your doctor can let you know how you can modify your diet to build yourself up internally.

Investigate any old injuries to your joints, bones, or muscles. Ask your doctor about what exercises could exacerbate these sites.

Floss your teeth. Believe or not, it will help your heart in the long run.

Get adequate rest. Working out won’t help you if you don’t get rest. I have no medical citiations….just try it. See how “well” you feel. Let us know how that goes.

Drink more water.

Increase veggie intake. 10 points for you because you can’t over eat these. I pig out on carrots! You will be surprised how much better you’ll feel by eating 1-2 additional servings than you are now. If what you eat is garbage…don’t bother thinking exercise will help you. Food is vital to our health. Bad foods will never heal you. They will always harm you. Bad food is insidious. Those fried foods will hang out in your blood vessels until your on surgeon’s table getting a quadruple bypass.

As you can see, this fitness thing is highly personal. Having people go down that journey with you is great, but ultimately you determine where your body is and where YOU want it to go!

After you determine if you want to train to lose weight, get stronger, tone up, or get healthier heart, you can pick and choose activities that you will enjoy and get you closer to your goals.

Next Post:  The Cardio Question: Running vs. Walking/Weights vs. Body Weight What benefits you more to lift? (Yes that is the entire title!)

-Stay Blessed! Go Vols!

2 Responses to “A Guide for a Healthier Life? Let’s get the preleminaries out of the way!”

  1. This was nice! I’m REALLY excited about the “Cardio Question” post!!

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