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A Day in My Health Journey: Gold Star Report!

The Happiness Bucket (old)

Alright people, one thing you will learn to do on your journey is to celebrate the wins and not focus too much on the fails lol you experience. Now don’t go overboard and start having more fails than wins…you need to have a good balance. I’d say about 4 wins for every fail LOL ok who am I kidding…this won’t happen overnight, but strive to get your win/fails in check. So how do I deal with my fails…I just adjust and move on. I choose not to focus or ponder on them too long as that can be kind of discouraging. Don’t beat yourself up…but acknowledge you need to do something that would qualify as a gold star activity to cancel out your fail.

So, on to my Gold Star Report! Well, to make a long story short…without way too many details: I only ate out five times last week!…

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