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A Day in My Eating Life: My Journey

The Happiness Bucket (old)

My journey started in May/June of 2009 after I successfully did my big chop (I stopped putting relaxers in my hair and returned to naturally born hair texture) so I am no longer putting those chemicals in my body from the relaxers. Wait that’s another story for another day. Ok back to the point, after achieving that goal I said, “hey I was able to do that…so now, what is next?” Well, around this time I was watching an episode of the biggest loser, I get them mixed up but I think it was the one with Coach and his daughter Sunshine and the rest of that amazing Biggest Loser cast. (Note, if i have the wrong cast, the point is the same). It was the episode where they were running a ½ marathon and I got so inspired. The individuals weren’t any smaller than I was at the time…

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