Volunteering for a Healthier Life

There is no “Day 1” Just Now!

Hola blog family and to all the BacVolLife followers, I’m Robert and I’m here to give you some motivation to get out and get fit.

#1 pet peeve I see with people working out is waiting till a certain time to start.
“I’ll start at the beginning of the year”
“I’ll start after finals”
“I’ll do it after the holidays”
Do you realize how much time your wasting putting off exercising? So for this blog I wanted to list some of my favorite workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime with no equipment.
I call this workout the “I won’t be able to sit down” workout
-Start by doing 50 power squats making your thighs parallel with the ground
-then go right into 25 fire hydrants (a fire hydrant is what a dog does to do his business on a fire hydrant) all 4’s and do both legs 25x
-Then go to 40 power squats
-followed by 25 kick backs (laying on all 4’s kick one leg back as far back as possible then bring it back to your chest 25x each leg
-30 power squats
-25 fire hydrants
-20 power squats
-25 kick backs
-10 power squats
-25 fire hydrants
Go at your own pace but try to keep rest time at a minimum. Do this workout 3x a week and look at how your thigh muscles rip!!
This is a fun exercise I learned while being in basic training, it’s called “drive the truck”
This is a 3 min exercise that you can do anywhere you can find a wall.
Basically time yourself for a full minute, and sit on the wall.
Put your back flat on the wall and make sure your knees are over your ankles. And from there..just drive the truck. Act like there is a steering wheel and turn and change gears. Rest 15sec in between each exercise. Do 3x a week and you’ll build muscle and strength in your legs and most importantly your core(abs, back)
The last workout is for my madden game players. It’s called cheerleader pushups. Just like every saturday when colleges play and the mascot does pushups every score.
If you score 7 you do 7 pushups, if you score another 7, you do 14 and so on.
Hope this gives everyone a new fun activity that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks.
Until next time
Robert owt!

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